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Our Printing Machines

Creating quality 3D models requires investment in the leading 3D printing machines, which is why Rapid 3D are proud to offer a range of machines in order to deliver your ideal 3D models

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3D Systems Viper Build window of 250x250x250mm

o Viper build range: layer thickness 50 to 100 microns 0.05mm to 0.1mm.

o A dual resolution and long life laser.

o Build superior quality parts for every application.

o Fast scanning system

o Excellent part quality

o Great range of applications

3D Systems Viper Data Sheet


3D Systems SLA 350, 500 and 5000

o 3D System SLA 350 Build range: layer thickness 100 to 150 microns 0.1mm to 0.15mm

o 3D System SLA 500 Build range: layer thickness 100 to 125 microns 0.1mm to 0.125mm

o 3D System SLA 5000 Build range: layer thickness 100 to 125 microns

o 3D System SLA 350 Build window of 350x350x400mm

o 3D System SLA 500 Build window of 508x508x350mm

o 3D System SLA 5000 Build window of 508x508x590mm

o Bring industrial-strength performance and part quality to your organisation.

o Build more parts in less time.

o Tackle a full range of solid imaging applications.

o 3D System SLA 350 Data Sheet

o 3D System SLA 5000 Data Sheet

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SLA (Stereolithography)

As the most popular form of 3D printing, stereolithography works of a 3D design within a CAD program which will be turned into your final product by using more

Vacuum Cast Models

Vacuum Cast Models

The Vacuum Cast Model process copies a 3D shape both quickly and accurately. Offering a very high level of reproduction accuracy and finishing options. more

3D Scanning

3D Scanning

3D Scanning is a revolutionary way to gain your ideal model using the latest in 3D printing techniques. Fast and highly portable, Rapid 3D can help you more

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