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What Resins Do We Use?

As the choice of resin materials grows, Rapid 3D is sure to stay one step ahead with the best in resin materials available for quality 3D printing in the UK.

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Stereolithography (SLA) Material

Acurra Bluestone

o breakthrough nano-composite engineering material that opens up new fields of application for SLA system owners.

o An engineered, non-settling nano-composite formulation.

o Parts have exceptional stiffness and thermal resistance.

o Low shrinkage and good humidity resistance.

o Excellent surface finish and sidewall quality.

o Build styles fully tested and developed by 3D Systems.


Acurra Xtreme Plastic

o Achieve the look and feel of a durable molded plastic together with outstanding durability and impact resistance.

o Increased application opportunities.

o Suitable for assemblies and functional testing.

o Prototypes withstand modest temperatures without distortion.

o Faster recoating and build times.

o Maximise reliability with no user R&D


7870 RenShape SL

o Improved retention of strength and dimensions of parts in humid conditions.

o Supplies clear components with outstanding clarity and excellent accuracy.

o Less part-finishing time with ease of post-curing.

o Higher quality casting materials for the investment casting parts.


7811 RenShape SL

o White, low viscosity stable liquid that produces strong white models and prototypes with good surface finish and detail, an ABS-like appearance.

o Well suited for building RTV patterns.

o Hardness and flexural modulus.

o Cured Density, coefficient of thermal expansion


Somos NanoTool

o Produces strong, stiff, high temperature resistant composite parts on conventional stereolithography machines.

o Heavily filled with non-crystalline nanoparticles allowing for faster processing.

o It exhibits superior sidewall quality, along with excellent detail resolution as compared to other composite stereolithography materials.


Accura ClearVue

o Durable, strong, semi-transparent, water-resistant resin for stereolithography.

o Low viscosity liquid photopolymer that produces strong, tough, water-resistant parts.

o Ideal for many applications in the automotive, medical and consumer electronics markets.


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